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Add a Texting Option to Your Website

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Provide your customers another way of contacting your business.

Add a texting option to your website without any plugin or app.

Many more people prefer texting or messaging today than ever before. Don’t lose an opportunity to secure a new client or customer because they put off contacting you to when they felt they had more time; and then later forgetting they wanted to contact you, or worse, your competitor got to them before you.

This is such an easy addition to your website and we highly recommend adding it.

Three Options

A visitor to your site clicks on a link associated with the words “text us“, or they click on a menu item that reads “Text Us” or “Message Us“, or they click on a button labeled, “Text Us” or “Message Us” or whatever you like.

All three option use the same basic link or code format for launching the web visitor’s SMS messaging application.

The link or code formats:

  • Hyperlink text: sms:8005551212?&body=Type your message here-The message is optional. [You really only need: sms:8005551212 (replace that number with your mobile number or business number that can accept SMS messages.]
  • Menu item: In WordPress, the menu item would be a Custom Link. The link would be the same as above, and you would change the label of the menu item to be “Text Us“, “Message Us” or whatever text you want.
  • Button: Use the same exact format in the previous two examples, and as illustrated below.

All you need to remember is: sms:##########?&body=message

If coding manually:
– – ########## represents your phone number. If you need a country code, you would add a “+” and country code. For example, +18885551212
– – ?&body tells the browser to include the text that follows when opening the texting app.
– – <a and </a> are the opening and closing anchor elements, while “href” means hyperlink reference. If using <a href, you will need the “>” character immediately after the text you want displayed.

Adding Texting Option to a Website Button

Create the button and add the “SMS:##########?&body=” link.

Image illustrating how to add link to website button for texting.

Adding a Menu Item for Texting Option

Choose the Custom Link option in the WordPress menu area. Then add the “SMS:” information.

Image illustrating how to add a menu item to website for texting.

Adding a Texting Link to a Web Page

Select the text to hyperlink. Then add the “SMS:” information.

Image illustrating how to add a link to a website page for texting.

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