SEO service to boost your business’s online visibility

Create key listing profiles or optimize current listings profiles, get your site indexed by search engines, update and optimize social business listings. This is your highly recommended “Online Business Visibility Boost”!

Claim. Correct. Protect.

Grab control of your business information from key placements across the web.

Are you sure your business information is correct?

80% of consumers lose trust in a business if the online information is inaccurate. (Source:

Does Google and Bing know about your business? If those two search engines know and understand the basics of your business, your prospective customers will likely be introduced to your business.

Have those two search engines indexed your website recently? Are your Facebook and/or LinkedIn business pages supporting your overall online digital presence?
If you don’t know the answers to the above questions, then this service is a must-have for your business.

Our basic SEO Online Business Visibility Boost service gets your business listed on a minimum of 2 services (Google & Bing), we submit your website’s site Index to Google and Bing – a site map is the “road map” for your website – and we ensure your Facebook and LinkedIn business pages are optimized to maximize your online presence.

If you are listed with Google and Bing, let us help you ensure those main listings and primary social accounts are working together and are consistent for people searching for your services, products, or business.

Fun-Fact: It is estimated there are 5,600,000,000 (BILLION) daily searches on Google in the USA. Bing, the second most used search engine, is estimated to have 57,100,000 (MILLION) daily searches. Those numbers represent a lot of people doing a lot of searches!

Two Levels of Service to Best Meet Your Current Needs


Included in the Service:

  • Add/Claim and complete business listing on Google, Bing and Apple
  • Verify Google, Bing and Apple listings
  • Add applicable photos, graphics and video to profiles or as post(s).
  • Website search engine submission – sitemap.
  • Update and optimize Facebook-IG and/or LinkedIn business page(s) for consistency across mediums.
  • Connect Google/Bing analytics service to your website (1).

This one-time service is only $775 (USD).

Once completed, Digital Marketing Partner can monitor and manage your listings and the analytics monthly, and make any required updates or corrections. Our monthly maintenance service is only $95 (USD) per month.

If you opt not to have our monthly monitoring and management service, it is highly recommended you check your listings and website analytics at least quarterly, if not more frequently, as well as submitting your website’s sitemap.

Choose this service if:

  • You either haven’t setup your business on Google or Bing, or…
  • You haven’t updated your Google or Bing listings in over a year.
  • You never optimized your Facebook-IG and/or LinkedIn pages, or…
  • You don’t have a business page on at least 2 of the 3 social media sites
  • You never submitted your website’s Site Map to the top-2 search engines, and are not running Google Analytics on your website
  • You want to improve your business being found online and like leads.

STARTER ( 75.00 one-time onboarding fee, 95.00/monthly* )

Included in the Service:

  • Update business listing on Google and Bing when necessary.
  • Update holiday hours on listings when required.
  • Monthly reviews and updates to your Google and Bing listings.
  • Monthly post to your Google Business listing.
  • Monitor for any website crawl issues reported by Google or Bing, and make corrections.
  • Submit your website’s sitemap to Google and Bing.
  • Monthly post to either your Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn business pages.
  • Monitor your website analytics.

* 6-month commitment required. We recommend 12-months minimum.

Choose this service:

  • Whether or not you have a listing on Google and Bing and want it managed for you monthly
  • You generally have some special, announcement, etc at least once per month.
  • You want to improve your business being found online.
  • You like good leads.
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