Make social media work for your business

Improve your social media marketing and save valuable time for your business. Our service will allow you to reinvest your valuable time into your business.

How It Works

There are 3 basic steps with our standard monthly social media marketing services.

Image representing planning, showing an illustration of a pencil and light bulb.

Monthly Content Planning

Optional, but highly recommended.

We work with you to create your business’s specific content and schedule for posting. At a minimum, we will plan one month in advance.

Included in the planning are selecting national or global observances. For example, National Pie Day (12/1), World Techno Day (12/9), Mothers Day, Fathers Day, etc.

Image of a icon representing a calendar and time, for scheduling.

Scheduled Standard Posts

A fantastic reason to communicate with your audience and market!

We have a suite of pre-designed images associated with all U.S. federal holidays ready to post on those days. In addition to U.S. federal holidays, we will create and post special observances days, weeks or months relevant to your business or observances that can resonate with your audience.

A list of standard holidays, plus examples of other holidays and observances HERE. Final selection is determined by you.

Image of blue grid with various icons

Schedule Unique Posts

Business promotions, sales, news. These are all about your business.

Most, if not all, of these posts for a month or more would be decided during our monthly content planning.

Example posts could be, reminding people to visit your site or booking page, employee spotlight, opening a new location, business recognition, charitable work, etc.

Social Media We Work With

Google My Business

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How much time are you or an employee spending on social media versus your business?

Social media can be a time-consuming process. We work with you and for you in this space, freeing your valuable time to focus on your business.

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Price: $299 / Month

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