Targeted Social Media Ads

Advertise on popular social media like Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram

Reach your target audience and market, who spend an estimated average of 3 hours per day on social networks and messaging*

* Source, Globalwebindex (2018)

According to eMarketer (2019), approximately 90% of Millenials, 77% of Gen-X, and 48% of Baby Boomers are on social media. An estimated 54% of social browsers go on social media to research products (GlobalWebIndex, 2018).

Digital Marketing Partner will review your goals, business, and market to craft an effective social ad campaign, including copy and creative. For a custom campaign, contact us using the the form below. You may also shop our Facebook/Instagram and LinkedIn advertising packages on our Shop Page.

Social Media Advertising Budgeting Guide:
Treat this as only a guide. Our social media advertising team is happy to discuss your business’s particular goals, market(s), targets and budget. Simply complete the form below or call/e-mail us.
Our services include creating the campaign(s), Adset(s), Ads, Targeting, Copy & Creative. Obtaining and installing the Facebook tracking Pixel (recommended) on your website is a small add-on charge, and we strongly recommend your website developer perform this.

3 to 4-Month Campaign
$10,000 (USD) Total

11 to 14-Month Campaign
$40,000 (USD) Total

5 to 7-Month Campaign
$20,000 (USD) Total

15 to 18-Month Campaign
$50,000 (USD) Total

7 to 10-Month Campaign
$30,000 (USD) Total

19+ Month Campaign or $60K+ Spend
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