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Give. Give. Give. Then Get.

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Get people interested in your business by being interesting. How? Give up some information!

You have to chill out on the selling so you can make some sales.  This sounds like a conflicting statement, but it is not.

For example, demonstrate your expertise, provide tips or perhaps a behind-the-scenes look at how you do things.  This shows prospective clients that you actually have some know-how and, because you’re giving away valuable information, a person cannot help but expect you to have as-yet unshared expertise at a level they do not know about.

A case in point, one of our clients is a car dealer that specializes in used vehicles.  They have an inspection process to ensure they are not buying a lemon at auction.  This is great information for people shopping for a used car.

We discussed having them take video demonstrating what they look at in a vehicle, and we would put it together in one complete video per car. 

It is true, many people viewing the video may simply want to ensure their own independent shopping is successful, but some may want to go to a trusted source, a source willing to share valuable information.

Giving away information is an important step in developing trust and authority in your market.  If all you are doing is waving your arms and yelling, “Buy from me! Buy from me!”, you are losing customers.

Put yourself in your target customer’s shoes and ask what you would want to know, then deliver that.  If you think you have nothing worthy to share, think again.  What you know from your years of experience is not going to be common knowledge for many.  

When you share – when you give – you will indeed receive!

Below is a video demonstrating how a client provides valuable information while demonstrating their expertise.

The video is about how the dealer inspects a used Lexus RX350, and is intended to give guidance to the viewer who may be considering buying a used vehicle. This exemplifies the their marketing efforts; give, give, give, then get.

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