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How to Save Money on Updating Your Post and Panel Sign

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What is a post and panel sign?

Post and panel signs are also considered monument signs and are commonly used for businesses. They are made up of two basic components, posts and a panel.

The panel is the actual sign, usually double-sided, and it attaches to the posts, which are secured to the ground or pavement.

These signs typically use materials like wood, vinyl, aluminum or stainless steel – other metals may also be used.

We were recently contacted by a tax-exempt charity organization, a 501(c)(3), about helping them with their worn post and panel sign. One major challenge was their budget, which was very limited.

A post and panel replacement would have cost them between $2,000 (USD) to $3,000 (USD), and that didn’t include labor cost. This leads us to challenge #2, they lost their maintenance person and needed someone to do the work.

This is what their sign looked like:

The Solution We Proposed

To minimize the impact on their budget, while creating a clean-looking, professional and durable sign, we proposed keeping the current sign installation, clean what can be cleaned, touch-up posts and panel, and install a new low-cost DIBOND® sign atop the existing signage, while keeping the street number exposed.

This approach saved them nearly 85% for a full post-and-panel replacement!

Their current sign, however, required quite a bit of prep-work, but the sign’s structural integrity was sound.

Here are photos of the prep-work in progress.

The Final Result

While performing prep-work on the existing sign, we found the duct tape used to cover areas of the sign left residue infused on the signage and the there were several notable surface imperfections. The weather also became a natural challenge – high humidity mixed with rain – and to expedite completion, we decided to install a durable white material over the areas of the sign that will be exposed under our new sign.

The posts required extra cleaning, then primer and paint.

We secured the new DIBOND® sign after all the prep-work was completed, and the results are below.


There are many options for business street signage – AKA Post-and-Panel or Monument signs. Options for updating or replacing these signs are many. For this client, cost was a high-priority consideration. Our DIBOND® signs come in larger, and smaller, sizes – Larger sizes are only locally available due to prohibitive shipping costs.

When installing new post and panel signs, or other types of monument signs, check with your town’s zoning for sign regulations and whether or not you need a permit or approval. Since this project did not remove the existing sign, nor change it’s size and placement, this helped our client realize the 85% savings on a full replacement sign.

If we can help you with your signage needs, please contact us, or visit our print and promo page.

We hope this article helped you in exploring economical sign solutions.

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