Flexible marketing coaching service to help you with your business marketing

Whether you prefer a Do-It-Yourself marketing approach or you’re not sure exactly what marketing services you need, a marketing coach is a cost-effective, flexible option. Use as us as much or as little coaching as you need.

Why a Marketing Coach

Are you overwhelmed or frustrated navigating through all the marketing options available? Perhaps, you want access to a professional resource you can call on for help whenever your need it. Whatever your situation with your business, an experienced marketing coach could be a key asset for your business.

Our marketing coach is best suited for a short-term need, like 1 to 3 months, and is not designed to be a long-term solution for clients. If you require something more comprehensive in duration and scope, you may want to consider our Rent-a-CMO or Virtual Marketing Department service.

Getting started is easy.

Contact us using the form below. Select which retainer option you prefer. Add any notes or comments. After we review the submitted form, we will contact you to confirm the service, send you the terms & conditions, and send you an invoice which can be paid online with a credit card or you can send us a check.

Overview of Terms & Conditions

We work to keep this simple. We bill on 10-minute increments against your retainer at the respective rate, with all time tracked by our system. You will be assigned one head coach, who will keep other team members updated should the head coach be unavailable when there is an urgent service you require (Yes, we give our people time off, occasionally.)

We work closely with you on expected hours for any requested service outside of Zoom calls or phone calls. Generally, we require at least 24-hours to schedule time with your head coach, but sometimes your coach will be available sooner, if not immediately.

You will be notified if retainer hours are expected to be exhausted. If you want us to continue hourly after your retainer is used up, it will be at the respective discounted hourly rate. Any unused retainer hours can be refunded to you at any time. A maximum of 30 days is allowed for services after the retainer has been exhausted; after that, another retainer will be required.

The retainer nor hourly rate does not cover any other costs outside of providing coaching. In other words, if you want web hosting, a new car, or printed business cards, those are not included in the retainer or hourly rate, and you would buy those directly.

Coaching hours are generally between 9:00 AM and 4:00 PM EST. We could accommodate different hours. Simply inform us and we will do our best to make the accommodation. Contiguous hours usually max out at 2 hours, but if scheduled ahead of time, a larger block of contiguous work may be accomodated.

Let’s Get Started!

Worry Free: This is not a purchase order, nor binding. We will contact you to confirm and then provide you with an invoice/bill for your records and review how the process works.
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