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One Idea, a Dash of Passion, Stir into a Vision. Launch a Fun Business

HARTFORD / WATERBURY, Conn. – Sept. 19, 2019 – PRLog — Mary O’Neill, founder of Get Your Bingo On – For the cause™, was recently featured on Innovation Destination Hartford, a Hartford-based, entrepreneur-focused, media and support organization.

“It’s been an amazing year when this thing went from an idea in my head to a functioning business helping nonprofits raise funds. To be recognized and interviewed by Innovation Destination Hartford as an innovator is an honor,stated Ms. O’Neill

Fellow entrepreneur (Digital Marketing Partner), and nonprofit president (Polish National Home of Hartford), Robert Kwasnicki commented, “I’m not surprised how fast this took off for Mary. She and I sat down one morning, and she told me her idea about this bingo fundraising opportunity.  She asked me what I thought. I replied, ‘Sign me up! I want to be your first client!’ I immediately saw the immense value proposition. Nonprofits’ staff are typically spread thin and struggle with creating new, fun fundraising events, nevermind organizing and running them. Mary solved these problems, and that was all I needed to jump on board.”

Each new fundraising event offers Mary ideas for continuously expanding on her initial vision. For example, in addition to designer purse prizes, Get Your Bingo On™ (GYBO) can also provide designer watches as prizes.  This was something we needed to attract more men to our fundraising events. We are also exploring offering power-tools and other prizes that could appeal to both men and women,” stated Mary.

Standard bingo play includes 10 games, but Ms. O’Neill has added raffles and small games in between bingo gameplay to vary the event.  Mary adds, “There is a lot of flexibility on how we can structure the fundraising around the core bingo games. Food and drink is an obvious inclusion, but karaoke, raffle, and other fun side-games can all be included and we are working to develop a simple set of packages for our new and returning nonprofits.”

Get Your Bingo On™ runs and manages bingo fundraising for nonprofits, with designer purse and designer watch prizes, each valued between $300 to $500. GYBO supplies everything needed for gameplay at a venue.  Players have the option of purchasing extra game cards, from which the proceeds all go to the nonprofit.

For more information about Get Your Bingo On – For the cause™, follow them on Facebook at @GetYourBingoOn (https://www.facebook.com/GetYourBingoOn)

Read Innovation Destination’s interview, “CT Startup Creates Fundraising Events for Nonprofits“, at: https://www.innovationhartford.com/ct-startup-creates-fundraising-events-for-nonprofits/

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