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Products-Features Updates from Facebook and LinkedIn

Facebook Zoom-like Messenger Rooms

Facebook is rolling out its new Messenger Rooms, a feature that Zoom users will easily recognize.

Messenger Rooms can be setup and participated by desktop or mobile device users, with or without a Facebook account.

Facebook introduced Messenger Rooms as “group video links that allow you to drop in and spend quality time with friends, family and people who share your interests.”, and they plan on adding ways to create room from Instagram Direct, WhatsApp and Portal, as well.

Messenger’s AR effects will be part of this (i.e.-bunny ears, aliens, etc), and they are also beginning to roll out new AI-powered effects like, 360-degree backgrounds, new camera filters, and new AR effects for things like celebrating a birthday or “stay-at-home camping with friends.”

Messenger Rooms are built with privacy and safety features according to Facebook.

If you want to see examples of Messenger Rooms either search on Facebook for “Messenger Rooms”, or visit Facebook’s MessengerNews here.

LinkedIn Announces Conversation Ads

Billed as an evolution to their messaging-based ad format, LinkedIn adds a feature they call, “a choose your own path experience.”

This feature allows the creation of full-funnel messenger campaigns that include multiple customized CTAs (calls to action). Examples of CTAs are webinar sign-ups, ebook downloads, and product education, just to name a few.

This is intended to help marketers serve more personalized content based on where the prospects are in their customer journey.  By providing these options, prospects or customers will access the content that is most interesting to them, and providing higher quality engagement for the marketer.

LinkedIn is in the process of rolling this out and has a webinar titled, “Messaging Strategies for the Modern Marketer: Turning Conversations into Conversions

The webinar will introduce LinkedIn’s Sponsored Messaging formats, including this new format, Conversation Ads.

The full announcement from LinkedIn about Conversation Ads may be read here.

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