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Simple Advertising ROI Worksheet

A quick and easy to use ROI calculator for your online advertising effort(s).

This simple worksheet will help you pinpoint advertising campaign ROI.

Instructions for using the ROI worksheet are included in the spreadsheet, which is in Microsoft Excel and OpenOffice/Libre formats.

The area you enter data is in the “Assumptions” section which asks you to enter:

  • Your Product or Service price (what you are selling)
  • The Cost of Goods Sold for the product/service
  • The expected Lead Conversion Percentage
  • Your planned Daily Advertising Budget

Once entered, you simply find the row that most closely matches your campaign’s Cost per Click. For your convenience, look for the rows with the Cost/Click cell highlighted.

Preview of the worksheet

Download the free ROI Worksheet:

  • XLSX (Microsoft)
  • ODS (OpenOffice or LibreOffice

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