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Rev It Up Reading Launches Popular Live Speed Reading Summer Session

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Join Abby LIVE for Speed Reading Summer Session

IMPORTANT UPDATE: Rev It Up Reading is closing down soon. Visit the site for more information. Alternatively, visit Speed Reading Today, a new site providing resources for training you on reading faster and remembering more. Visit

3 Tuesdays: July 11, 18, and 25, 2023
Two Separate Classes Offered Each Day: 12-1pm EST OR 8-9pm EST

Now’s your chance to get up to speed with what you read by spending just three hours with Speed Reading Expert Abby Marks Beale!

Abby Marks Beale has taken her popular workshop Getting Up To Speed With What You Read and created an inexpensive and easy-to-learn from LIVE webinar series. 

You will be VERY excited about what you can learn in just three hours!

The webinar series includes TWO ebooks:

  1. One workbook (created specifically for you to use and follow during the webinar) and
  2. One timed reading practice workbook

Throughout the webinars, you will experiment with your reading skills and track your progress.

You will have ample opportunity to ask Abby questions.

The time in between sessions gives you lots of time to experiment with your new skills.

Who can benefit:

  • Busy professionals with heavy reading workloads
  • You have little time to read a lot
  • You are a slow reader
  • You read a lot on your computer screen
  • You want to read AND comprehend more


  • Learn simple strategies to read faster – analog & digital
  • Use speed reading strategies to encourage concentration
  • Identify the most important information, quickly
  • Enjoy higher levels of comprehension
  • Reduce your reading pile
  • More

Visit Rev It Up Reading for more information

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