Fun and engaging cartoon explainer videos

Cartoon videos are great as explainer, marketing or even advertising videos for your business and organization.

All our videos are in a similar animated format as the following examples. We have voice over artists with various accents and several languages.

These cartoon-like videos can illustrate a solution to a problem, or simply promote one of your products or services. The cartoon explainer or promotional videos are concise, can be uploaded to video sites such as YouTube, and can be embedded into your website or featured on landing pages.

This is what is needed to produce a cartoon video:

Script and narration, choose a scene, select character(s), and decide on any designed props. These videos are typically no more than 3-minutes long, but can be longer. Completed videos will be delivered in MP4 format.

Our cartoon explainer videos are fun and engaging and affordable.

* There are dozens of various characters and associated actions performed by characters. However, the characters are not customizable (clothing, eyewear, hair, etc) If a highly customized cartoon video, such as one that is a cartoon representation of real people or organizational uniforms, then what you may want to consider is a custom animation solution, which is notably a much larger time and investment requirement.

Our Pricing

Video Production (Storyboarding, Editing, Final Cut):

  • Up to a 1-minute video, $275 (USD)
  • 1-2-minute video, $335 (USD)
  • 2-3-minute video, $385 (USD)
  • 3.5+ minute video, Contact Us using the form below

Add Human Voice Over (Male or Female):

  • 1-minute video: $79 (USD) Now only $25!
  • 2-minute video, $95 (USD) Now only $35!
  • 3-minute video, $109 (USD) Now only $45!
  • 3.5+ minute video, Contact Us using the form below

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