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WordPress 5.8 Release Highlights 2021

Here comes WordPress 5.8 and it’s a big update. Here are the highlights.

WP 5.8 is scheduled for release 7/20/2021!

  • WP 5.8 features a new template editor and is the introduction to Full Site Editing (FSE).
  • Native WordPress support for WebP image.
  • Gutenberg Blocks as Widgets in Customizer.
  • Improved widget controls.
  • Gutenberg nested block selector.
  • “Query Loop” block – display continuous lists of posts based on query parameters and visual configurations.
  • “List View” panel – easier navigation of complex hierarchies.
  • Add Block Panel suggestions for block patterns.
  • Duotone effect filter for images and media blocks
  • Added color options for text, links and backgrounds.
  • Added column padding options.
  • Internet Explorer 11 support – Gone.

If you want to dive into all the new and improved WordPress 5.8 features, read the WordPress 5.8 Field Guide.

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